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[Pinned] We use Discord for voice chat

To keep touch with kin members we use program called Discord. You can download Discord from here Download link. You can join our group with this link: or contact to one of your officers.Our server name is: Leg...
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[Pinned] Read! Rules

[Pinned] Read! Rules

Someone had to do it... don't worry not much rules here.1. Hatespeech or Any form of it is forbidden.2. Please do not advertise any other kinship.3. Respect Your fellow members and Other players.4. Have fun!
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[Pinned] Officers

[Pinned] Officers

Here are current officers and their main roles in Legends of the Shadowbanes.Calund - crafting Duinhelm - eventsInrandion - webmasterTyariel - recruiting Xanderian - recruitingYou can contact any of us in any matter of importance.
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[Pinned] Important: New members please read!

Please register to website to keep up with latest posts and events. If you have any questions leave a comment. Read our rules found on Forums > Recruits. Always ask from kinmembers / officers if you need anything.
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Potential Recruits

If you have any friends or some other people you think would be fine add for the Shadowbane family, Please contact one of our officers or post it here.
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Private E-mail

Greetings,here's my private e-mail in case you need anything done. Please use it only for relevancy.M.h.nijdam@gmail,com
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