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Welcome to Legends of the Shadowbanes website! We are small but family-like kinship originally hailing from Withywindle server, currently holding base in Laurelin. We gladly recruit all races and play-styles, new and old players. We offer bunch of experienced officers to help, active website to keep you up with events, everyday growing kin giving you new friends and opportunity to see Middle-earth in it's shine.

Dark forces are gathering again and the Shadowbanes have been summoned to fight against evil. Join us, thou shall send Sauron and his minions back to abyss!
« May 2018 »
Inrandion / May 22, 2018 / General

Hail Shadowbanes! Long has it been from last active event Shadowbanes arranged. Our precious kinship has seen many ups and downs but we always came back with our tough officer trio. When you fall you rise again stronger - That's what we have now d...

Inrandion / Jan 22, 2017 / Event

Hail Kinsmen and woman!The time has come to march towards Isengard, and assault the Tower of Orthanc!Long has the corrupted wizard remained idle in his tower, harrasing the Men of Rohan, but no longer! We will Ride Towards Nan Curunir on:-Saturday...