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Little bit of everything for everyone

Inrandion / Nov 06, 2016 / Event
Incoming events for this month!

Role-play event on Sunday, 06 November.

We are gathering in the Prancing Pony in town of Bree for a casual role-play event. To have fun, make our characters know one another and merely to have fun and a good night! Everyone is welcome to join, no need to signup - just be there ;)

Hope to see you there! Sunday 06 Nov, 7.00 PM +0 GMT/UTC ( UK TIME ).

On The Road to Erebor Friday 18 November.

Erebor Instances:
- 3 raids for twelve people including The defence for Erebor, Flight to the Lonely Mountains and The Fires of Smaug.
-level 20 minimum everyone can join
-will be scaled for most convenient level.
-requires ability to play Erebor (Instance Cluster Riders of rohan bought from store or expansion: Riders of Rohan bought)

Time of depart: Friday 18 November at 6.00 PM UK time (+0 GMT/UTC)

If you have any questions, leave a comment.



was there on the 6th of november at the roleplay event was great to see everyone there had a great time
That is good to hear, I think we will arrange more RP events in future :)
Due to an expected troll raid on my residence I missed the must have been wondrous. I send my humble apologies and my deepest regrets.

However, to ease my melancholy I pretending I was surrounded by the merriment of my somewhat inebriated kin and lobbed a dwarf against a convenient wall a few times, just to perfect my form in advance of our next festivity.

Note for future events....after three tosses it is best to swap dwarves. I just learned that the hard way.
Note acquired :)

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