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New Becoming

Inrandion / May 22, 2018 / General
Hail Shadowbanes! Long has it been from last active event Shadowbanes arranged. Our precious kinship has seen many ups and downs but we always came back with our tough officer trio. When you fall you rise again stronger - That's what we have now done. Kinship grows fast, lots of new friendly faces. Our goal is to start doing group content again. When we get a few more active players we start to plan our events. Our officers also would like to hear your opinions about upcoming events and activities. What would you like to do? -Please be free to give us a chat. Lastly I want to thank every old and new player who have taken a part in the Shadowbane -community. Wish you all a great moments in the game.

,Inrandion (Officer)

Here's some soundtrack for us:


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