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  • Shadowbanes
After Duinenoth joined the Rohirrim, he got abducted and was brought to Carn Dûm in Angmar. While his two brothers, Duinhelm and Duinewulf, Were searching for him, Duinenoth Escaped Carn Dûm with the help of an old hero and a ranger. recovering in Imladris, Duinenoth, Duinhelm and Duinewulf met again. The three took the task upon them to attack Carn Dûm and it's forces, and drive the Witch-king away. Sadly the three heroes failed. They decided they had to grow in numbers.
They searched Middle-Earth for the Greatest Heroes. together they formed the Shadowbane, a group devoted the purge the shadows from Middle-Earth. Together they accomplished many tasks and many Free peoples learned of the Legend of the Shadowbanes.